Daylight's Peace
Daylight's Peace
Daylight's Peace
Daylight's Peace

Daylight's Peace

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This ring was created only during the rising sun in order to invoke the essence of Daylight - to serve as symbolism of a new beginning.

This ring was also created holding the "Window Series" essence in mind.

The Window Series Intention:
Creating healthy boundaries rather than putting up walls.

When we put up walls we have a tendency to create separation of the humanness between each other.

By creating an energetic window instead of a wall is to say,

"I see you from over here"
to still witness one another as a soul
and as humans
doing their best

Daylight Peace's Mantra:
"My healthy boundaries help create new beginnings and peace within my inner child."

    • Handmade
    • Only one made
    • Ethically sourced natural Quartz. Caitlin discovered this gemstone while sifting through gemstone mining debris and has not had it faceted or cut in any way, keeping its natural beauty alive. Therefore, natural "imperfections" are visible - a beautiful resemblance of humans and all our perfect imperfections.
    • Upcycled sterling silver
    • Hand engraved moon/stars on ring & "LOVE" at base of setting
    • Size 6
    • Created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intentions
    • Please allow 7 business days for ship out
    -Because each piece is handmade to order and/or one of a kind, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any items. All sales are final.