Our Story

Who is "PRINI"?

PRINI jewelry is made for all those on a path of love
For those who stand for truth, light and what is right in spirit and in nature
For those who are looking to adorn themselves with their passions
PRINI jewelry is a supporting hand to hold on your sacred journey home


The name "PRINI" came to Caitlin in a dream - she had asked the Universe to show her the perfect name for her jewelry line and one evening, asleep under the stars, the name "PRINI" was shown to her.

She looked up it's meaning and she found:
"Prini: A Hindu name meaning Goddess of Flowers"
Because of her deep love of herbalism, Hinduism and nature the name felt perfect, and so, "PRINI" was born.

"Earth of PRINI" was latered shown to Caitlin during one of her morning tea ceremony sits.


About Our Founder and Metalsmith, Caitlin Cimino

In 2012 Caitlin learned jewelry fabrication in Florence, Italy where she studied under a master jeweler. From there she explored wax carving and lost wax casting amongst many other forms of jewelry making. Throughout those years, sustainable herbalism, low-waste living and Hindu teachings ran parallel to her jewelry adventures. It was only natural for them to intersect at some point and to be used to create mindful, sustainable and sacred adornments.




Every gemstone in PRINI jewelry was ethically and environmentally sourced. They were either discovered at a mine by Caitlin or were carefully hand selected from an ethically and environmentally conscious supplier.


All plant material was sustainably wild-crafted and all insects were found after passing naturally.


All metal utilized is recycled with impurities removed - making it's quality equal to newly mined metal but without the negative ethical and environmental impact.


All packaging material is eco-friendly from EcoEnclose or repurposed from materials sent to us from different suppliers and clients. Dried flowers in packaging were sustainably wildcrafted.