Mulberry's Metamorphasis
Mulberry's Metamorphasis

Mulberry's Metamorphasis

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"I am strong, resilient and rising into my own deeper truth."

An elder herbalist Caitlin is close with and considers quite the guru wrote Caitlin her feelings on the emotional and spiritual energetics of the plant, Mulberry:

"My sense is that she is all about a warrior's (spiritual warriors) heart. Helping support a rising through the ashes after a deep loss. Or a new understanding of what true love is. Making the emotional heart able to share again. Coming into ones fruiting time emotionally."

  • Made to order - allow 4-6 weeks for ship out
  • Sustainably harvested Mulberry Bark forged in upcycled sterling silver or 14k yellow gold
  • Created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intention
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