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Earth of PRINI

Soul's Eye

Soul's Eye

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The Soul's Eye Necklace's Intention:
To bring a remembrance that our inner spirit is connected to all seen and unseen.
May we continue to work with grace to remove layers of our personalities so we can remember our connection to All more deeply and honestly

Eye hand-carving to represent our inner knowing which is our deepest connection to our spirit (the 5th element)

Teardrops at the base are in the shape alchemical symbols for the 4 elements (earth, air, fire and water) - added to be a reminder of our connection to all that is

An ethically sourced green aquamarine for emotional depth and awareness. This gemstone has a slight rainbow at the top center when it hits the right light, which is a similar reflection to our inner beauty shining with grace.

Moon/Sun/Star carvings are included to add to the elemental symbols, reaffirming the web between human, spirit and all that is

"I am a vessel of spirit which is connected to all that is."

  • Handmade
  • Only one made
  • Ethically sourced natural Green Aquamarine. Caitlin discovered this gemstone while sifting through gemstone mining debris and has not had it faceted or cut in any way, keeping its natural beauty alive. Therefore, natural "imperfections" are visible - a beautiful resemblance of humans and all our perfect imperfections.
  • Upcycled sterling silver
  • Hand Engraved eye, moon/sun/stars and 4 teardrop elements
  • Adjustable length 15"-18.5”
  • Teardrop length from top of chain to bottom of longest charm: 1 3/4"
  • Created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intentions
  • Please allow 7 business days for ship out
-Because each piece is handmade to order and/or one of a kind, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any items. All sales are final.
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