Ethically Conscious

Earth of PRINI's founder, Caitlin, works with a carefully selected group of independent and reputable gemstone suppliers based in California and New Mexico. The gemstones are sourced in an ethical and traceable way. Many of the natural uncut gemstones in Earth of PRINI jewelry Caitlin has sourced herself directly from the mining rubble in California.


Caitlin is committed to sourcing all of her jewelry materials in an ethical and sustainable manner. The jewelry is cast using recycled gold and silver from US suppliers All silver and gold has been certified ethically sourced by SCS Global Services.

All plant material was sustainably wild-crafted


All packaging material is eco-friendly or repurposed from materials sent to us from different suppliers and clients
All orders are shipped with Shopify planet - a carbon neutral shipping option
Dried flowers in packaging were mindfully harvested at a local flower farm