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Laya Yoga Mantra

Laya Yoga Mantra

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Affirmation: "I transcend my egoic self in order to connect with my higher consciousness"
(scroll down to learn more of its inspiration)

    • Handmade
    • Only one made
    • Self-mined Pink Kunzite and Green Tourmaline
    • Holly, tiny leaf and hand-carved moon forged in up-cycled brass
    • Up-cycled sterling silver, 14k gold and brass
    • Created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intentions
    • Necklace measures approx. 14.5”
    • Total pendant measurements approx. 4” x 1”w
  • The mantra associated with this necklace is named “Laya Yoga”.
    This mantra helps us transcend our egoic sense of self in order to connect with our higher consciousness. It is chanted with intention of expressing and opening creativity and intuition - to connect soul and destiny to the present moment.

    It is chanted:

    “ek ong kaar - a

    saa taa naa maa - a

    siree whaa - a

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