A Love Note

Hello Sweet Friends!

I wanted to send a little love note to wish you a peaceful, abundant and loving 2024 and to also share some changes in motion for Earth of PRINI.

I've noticed for many years that much of my life-force energy has been placed outwardly towards the virtual environment. As with many of us, I have relied on social media for sharing my art/business as well as socializing and connecting. I don't believe any of this is negative unless we notice it feels out of alignment within our being - and even then, it's simply our perception, is it not? Nevertheless, it's interesting and perhaps important information to have.

All that being said, through many moments of stillness, I've decided to keep Earth of PRINI held within a simple yet mindful container and cut cords for the time being with social media.

During this time I will be focusing on quietly creating, adventuring and exploring the world of wildlife conservation (send recommendations if you have any!). I will also be sharing jewelry in small doses through newsletters and of course, directly through the website.

All at a snails pace.

From the outside it may appear that not much has changed, however, no longer placing so much energy outward really feels like a coming back Home.

Energetically it feels massive and perfect right now.
I do not know when Earth of PRINI's social media presence will be back but we are Here now.

I feel very excited and grounded about this change and I hope it reaches you all within a bubble of love.

With expansive yet quiet Love,
(Founder and Jeweler of Earth of PRINI)