Each PRINI custom design journey will look unique and different for each client but what is consistent is the heart and care that is taken.

Caitlin, our founder, designer and metalsmith, will guide you through the design and creation process one delicate step at a time.

What sets Caitlin's process apart, besides ethically sourcing, is the mindful intention of incorporating ceremony, meditation, tea, mantra and ritual throughout the entire creation process.

If it calls to you, you can choose to join her on that journey by sharing inspirations, visions, oracle cards and other creative insights with one another.

If a custom design journey feels in alignment with you and you'd like to learn more, please contact us by filling the form out below.

Thank you + Blessings on your journey.

*Please note: Caitlin accepts a limited number of customs per year.
While all custom requests are reviewed and deeply appreciated, not all can be selected.